Fractures or Broken Bones

Fractures or broken bones occur as a result of traumatic injury such as falls, car accidents, and sporting mishaps. Fractures are treated surgically, if non-operative treatment may result in arthritis, failure of the bone to heal, or mal-alignment. Surgery usually involves the implantation of metal plates and screws or a rod to hold the fracture “steady” while it heals. Silver State Orthopedics takes a special interest in fracture care and surgery.

Fractures that do not heal or remain problematic are called non-unions. This complication occurs for various reasons but mostly result from smoking, poor nutrition, and the location of the fracture in the body. Some fractures have less blood supply than others and are at risk for non-union. Dr. Silverberg has completed a sub-specialty fellowship to better understand these complex predicaments. He draws on many years of experience working with patients suffering from prolonged recoveries. Dr. Silverberg’s expertise has been acknowledged by physicians throughout the region. Silver State Orthopedics is now a referral center for many orthopedic surgeons seeking help with difficult fracture cases.