Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement is an operation to treat arthritis or joint pain. Arthritis causes stiffness, pain, and disability which affects quality of life. Removal of the arthritic joint and replacement with a new implant can return patients to productive and pain-free living. The techniques used in joint replacement surgery have continued to improve over the past several decades, while maintaining the already excellent track record for patient outcome. Joint replacement surgery continues to improve on its excellent track record over several decades and new innovations in the field continue to improve patient outcomes. Silver State Orthopedics specializes in shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow replacements and uses the most up to date and innovative techniques.

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Fractures or Broken Bones

Fractures or broken bones occur as a result of traumatic injury such as falls, car accidents, and sporting mishaps. Fractures are treated surgically. Non-operative treatment may result in arthritis, failure of the bone to heal, or mal-alignment. Surgery usually involves the implantation of metal plates and screws or a rod to hold the fracture “steady” while it heals. Silver State Orthopedics takes a special interest in fracture care and surgery.

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Shoulder/Elbow Surgery

Stiff shoulders often occur as a result of trauma, prior surgery, overuse and rotator cuff tears. Unbelievably, stiff shoulders most often occur without any reason (idiopathic), but certain individuals are at higher risk such as patients with diabetes and thyroid disease. These ailments are usually treated without surgery but there are subsets of patients that continue to hurt and remain impaired. In instances that shoulder surgery is indicated, Silver State Orthopedics can offer dramatic improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

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